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Vanessa (Yuk-Tai) Tsang 曾旭娣

Graphic and UX Website Designer, Thornbury, Bristol, England


Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Vanessa, a freelance graphics designer and a UX (user experience) website designer based in Thornbury, Bristol, England. I create bespoke graphics and simple, mobile responsive websites that best represents your business and aims at your target audiences. WordPress (WP) is the content management system that I specialise in for clients who request this CMS.



大家好,我是生活在英國布里斯托索恩伯里的自由平面及網站設計師Vanessa,專門為客戶製作平面圖像和設計適合手機環境的簡樸網站,以突出客戶的業務特色,為客戶招來特定的業務,我的強項是為客戶的 WordPress (WP) 網站做內容管理 (CMS)。

My Ethnic Origin

My ethnic origin is Chinese and my nationality is British. I was brought up and educated in Britain and, as well as having sound written and spoken English, I speak Cantonese Chinese and Hakka Chinese.

Flourish Your Business

I love using my cultural experiences, my design and digital marketing skills to support clients like you in developing your marketing efforts and helping your business flourish.

If you are looking for Chinese marketing services, read the ‘East Meets West’ below.






My Focus

I focus on transparency and always make time to listen to my clients to maintain a healthy relationship and create a good reputation to win future business.

I have worked in the creative industry for more than ten years and I am determined to help my clients meet their marketing objectives effectively.

Initial Briefing Meeting

During my first meeting with you, I will get to know your business objectives, the requirements of your design project and your target audience(s). I will explain to you the terms and conditions involved in using my services. I will also advise you of my price plans for my website services, how I price my branding and graphic design services.





在我們的第一次會面,我會先了解 你們的商業目標,你們對這個設計項目的要求和你們的目標客戶群,然後我會解釋我的服務條款,介紹網站服務的收費方案,和解釋我的品牌及平面設計方面的服務的收費準則。

Get Expert Support

Get Expert Support With Your Design Projects:

I can provide you with a wide variety of services: anything from creating bespoke graphic design or helping you to focus your design project on achieving  your business goals, plan a brand new website to managing an existing website on a regular basis.

I do not believe that one size fits all. The most important feature of my approach is finding out who you are, what you do, how you do it and who your customers are. A solid understanding of your organisation gives me the ability to truly focus your design project to achieving relevant goals in an efficient manner.





My Mission

Graphic and website design is a wide area within marketing and sometimes this can be a lot to take in when you are working under pressure and to tight deadlines. This is why I am here to help. I have a flexible and professional working approach to all my jobs.

No Technobabble

I explain everything in plain English, focusing on what your graphics and website design project should deliver, not confusing you with technobabble!





Price & Quality Scale

I Have The Balance

I always do my best to keep a GOOD BALANCE between my pricing and the QUALITY of my work. This is just one reason why I can maintain a HEALTHY working relationship with my clients. I also believe transparency is the best policy. This is why during the initial meeting with you, I will explain the terms & conditions of my services with you.

  1. Pricing + Quality = Good Balance
  2. Healthy working relationship = Maintained
  3. Terms & Conditions = Transparent

The Results: 1 + 2 + 3 = Go for great value for your money with Vanessa Tsang’s freelance graphics & website design services.

Price & Quality Scale



  1. 價格 + 質量 = 最佳平衡
  2. 良好的工作關係 = 維持平衡
  3. 服務條款 = 維持透明

結論:1 + 2 + 3 = 馬上行動,曾旭娣將為你們帶來最好而又超值的平面和網站設計服務。

East Meets West

You can use my cultural knowledge of the Far East, my experience in working with the Chinese and my design services to gain access to the fast-moving world of Chinese e-commerce.



Chinese Marketing

I specialise in branding & logo design, WordPress website design and print design for Chinese marketing, targeting at the Chinese market in both the UK and in China.

To achieve this I work within a team of professionals and manage the job myself from start to completion. We cover the two main Chinese scripts namely traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. The Chinese dialects that we specialise in are Cantonese Chinese, Hakka Chinese and Mandarin Chinese.


我專門為開拓英國華人市場及中國市場的客戶設計品牌、商標、印刷品WordPress 網站。 為此,我會與我的專業團隊一起進行設計工作,由我親自監督,直至項目完成為止。


China England dolphin flags

Your feedback is welcome

It’s important to keep up with the ever developing world. Please share your feedback with me

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