BCP: Chinese Arts & Calligraphy Exhibition – Leaflet Design


The British Chinese Project (BCP) is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting the engagement, understanding and cooperation between the Chinese community and the wider UK society.

In April 2016, the BCP organised and hosted the ‘Chinese Arts & Calligraphy Exhibition’ event in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England. BCP came to me for a range of offline (print design) marketing promotional materials including an A5 double sided leaflet design (see below image gallery) to promote their Chinese Arts & Calligraphy Exhibition event in Birmingham, UK.

My Contributions:

There wasn’t a style guide for me to adhere to, only a Chinese bilingual logo. The design requirements for the A5 double sided leaflet design from the client were fairly flexible. This made my job more interesting as I was able to use a lot of my creative juice freely. As you can see, I have kept the design simple, clean, bright and modern to keep the audience interested for a longer period.

The idea of this leaflet design is to make good use of the brush icon from the logo design and extend the black ink line (top-right) to the very end of the other side of the leaflet (top-left) to form the basis of the ‘header graphic’. To form a sense of balance in this design, I decided to create ‘footer graphic’ using the logos of the creators of this event in a clean and tasteful manner. The front page consists of the key information that is to capture the audience’s attention and to drive them to read the information on the other side of this leaflet. I decided to layout the ‘programme information’ into a simple table format for best legibility and usability.

It was a challenge to layout so much information onto a double-sided A5 leaflet design. However, my sound layout design skills and effective typographic skills paid off as the client are happy with my work.

My Achievements:

I achieved a bright, fun and professional leaflet design that targets both children and adults. As you can see, this aesthetically pleasing leaflet design is very much in-line and uniform with the other marketing promotional materials that I had created as part of this large scale exhibition job, including the exhibition boards design and the A3 poster design. This type of consistency is important to create positive brand awareness and brand loyalty.

These printed leaflets were distributed to various Chinese organisations and businesses around Birmingham and the West Midlands. This leaflet helped bring the happy guests to the Chinese Arts & Calligraphy Exhibition in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England. The BCP was very happy with my work on this leaflet design, and I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with the BCP on their Chinese Arts & Calligraphy Exhibition event.

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Project Details:

Client: British Chinese Project (BCP)
Date: April 2016
Skills: Print design and print ready artwork

Vanessa did an amazing job in creating the designs and artworks of new exhibition boards, for my exhibition on Chinese Arts and Calligraphy.

Andy Chan – Project Lead: British Chinese Project

Vanessa was very creative and understood the brief from the beginning.

Andy Chan – Project Lead: British Chinese Project

Vanessa was able to bring new ideas, experimented with several designs, discussed and explained each one in detail with myself, before a decision was made.

Andy Chan – Project Lead: British Chinese Project

The project included a very detailed image creation which was unexpected and Vanessa was flexible and patient enough to get this done for us.

Andy Chan – Project Lead: British Chinese Project

Vanessa worked well under pressure and produced high quality large scale print-ready artworks under tight deadlines.

Andy Chan – Project Lead: British Chinese Project

Thank you so much to Vanessa for all her hard work on this Chinese Arts and Calligraphy Exhibition project.

Andy Chan – Project Lead: British Chinese Project