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The Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham (CCC-B) is a charity based in Birmingham, West Midlands. The Health Development Project is a project under the Community Health Service (CHS) department at the CCC-B. This project provides various services including health forum & well-being, health interpreting and mental health carer’s support.

Between November 2011 and August 2015 I was freelancing (and volunteering) at CCC-B as Digital and Print Designer. I successfully completed over 10 design jobs to promote services, activities and events offered by this Chinese community centre.

My Contributions:

The Community Health Development officer at the CCC-B came to me for a video presentation design (see below image gallery) that targets the Chinese community of various demographics, sponsors and funders. Before the start of this video creation job, I completed the branding and logo design job for the CHS department at the centre. I used the branding and logo design in this video presentation design to inject creativity in to this video design. For example, I used that logo as a starting point and created some new innovative graphics, which my client was most happy with. Part of the requirements of this job was this video presentation should have the capability to be saved as a high quality PDF file and be able to be printed in colour on A4 landscape paper.

In terms of the technology side of this job, I used Adobe Illustrator to create graphics and Apple Keynote to develop this video presentation. I exported this document into a movie file, converted that file into .MP4 file and transferred the file onto my client’s Apple iPad. Then I had put this video on the vloop (video loop) App so that the video could be repeated on a loop during my client’s exhibition events. Both my Apple Mac skills and my technical skills in general came in very useful in this video design and development job.

My Achievements:

My video presentation design was well received as my client. He used the video presentation at exhibition events where they held a store to promoted services offered by the the Chinese community centre.

My video presentation design brought a lot of awareness to the Chinese community in Birmingham, promoting the Health Development Project at the centre. This has helped maintain the high numbers of members at the centre. The feedbacks on this video design from some of the members at the centre are very encouraging and positive. The funders and sponsors are very much aware of what and how the Health Development Project offers at the Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham.

Project Details:

Client: Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham (CCC-B)
Date: June 2012
Skills: Digital design – video presentation design and development