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The Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham (CCC-B) is a charity based in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. They provide various support services tailored towards the Chinese and those who wish to learn more about the Chinese culture.

The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust worked in partnership with the CCC-B in creating the ‘Hepatitis B Screening’ project targeting the Chinese community in Birmingham and West Midlands. The aim and objective were to encourage the Chinese to take the free and confidential ‘Hepatitis B test’ offered by the CCC-B and the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

My Contributions:

My job as the graphic designer on this Hepatitis B Screening project was to create a range of (Chinese) print materials from A4 concertina information leaflets, A3 posters and A5 launch leaflets – see below image gallery. For the Hepatitis B Screening’s Chinese leaflet design, I worked with the designer at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust whilst freelancing at the CCC-B. This Chinese leaflet design was both informative and aesthetically pleasing, targeting various Chinese audiences (from mainland Chinese, Vietnam Chinese to Hong Kong Chinese) based in the West Midlands, England.

The client didn’t have a style guide for me to adhere to, and the they was pretty flexible with the approach of the design. Therefore, I was able to inject plenty of creativity into my concept creation part of this job. I worked closely with the senior Chinese translator at the Centre. The Chinese script used is traditional Chinese rather than simplified Chinese. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with a doctor from the Department of Infection at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, as she is a very warm, influential and knowledgeable health professional.

I also created an English version of this leaflet. I created the English and Chinese poster design and launch leaflet design (see below image gallery) that are consistent and inline with the A4 concertina information leaflet design.

My Achievements:

It was a good experience for me to be a part of a team of professionals that supports the Chinese community in improving the community’s health by creating inspiring Chinese marketing materials to promote the Hepatitis B Screening service.

Over 250 copies of these leaflets were printed and used to promote this Hepatitis B Screening service aimed at the Chinese community. The Chinese Community Centre-Birmingham and the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust is very happy with all my designs and artworks created for this large-scale print design job.

The Hepatitis B Screening project as a whole was very successful as the targets set out by the doctor on this project had been met in a positive timely manner. The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust had kindly rewarded the staff and volunteers (at the Centre) for all their hard work on this successful health project accordingly.

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Project Details:

Client: Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham
Date: June–July 2012
Skills: (Chinese) print design