Simius Web: CCC-B Website Coordinator & Quality Assurance


Simius Web is a website consultancy based in Norwich, England. They offer a real alternative to the lack of standards in compliance and ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach offered by many Internet companies.

The Chinese Community Centre-Birmingham (CCC-B) hired Simius Web to create a new website for them, and I was working under this website consultancy as the website coordinator on this large-scale website design job.

My Contributions:

I worked under Simius Web as the website coordinator in creating a new modern website for the CCC-B. My role was based on both the website coordination and quality assurance of the whole website design job. Within my role, there were a lot of hands on work, supporting the staff at the centre with ‘Writing for the Web’ techniques, preparing images ready to be used on the new website using Adobe Photoshop. I had learnt to code using xHTML 1.0 Strict (front-end development language) extremely quickly. My Chinese language skills helped in running this website job smoothly and timely. Towards the end of this job, I had provided a few staff at the centre with basic level 1 and 2 website maintenance training using xHTML 1.0 Strict. This also included training them to use various open source applications including CoffeeCup a HTML editor, GIMP an image editor and FireFTP, which is an Add-on available on the popular Mozilla Firefox website browser.

A few months after the launch of this new website, I provided monthly website maintenance and support work to the CCC-B as they wished to focus on running the charity rather than get too involved with the maintenance of their new website. This work was on the coding end, using xHTML 1.0 strict, Adobe Dreamweaver and FireFTP. This maintenance and support job includes monthly backups of the whole site for the centre to keep in a safe place.

What I achieved:

Since starting work on the CCC-B website design job, I enjoyed coordinating this job from the start to its completion. I have gained experience within various areas of website design. Working between the East and West, supporting both sides to get the best out of this website job has been both inspiring and rewarding. The most important part of my role was ‘quality assurance’ making sure the content submitted is fit for the web, at a high standard and the agreed timeline was kept to, even under tough environments.

This new CCC-B website has impressed the funders and sponsors and led them to continue to fund the centre for longer on various projects including the Carers Projects and the Health Development Project provided at the centre. Both Simius Web and the CCC-B are happy with my work on this website design job. I have enjoyed this job and learnt new skills from coordinating this website design job at the centre, in Birmingham, West Midlands.

In September 2017, the CCC-B changed their website design from this lean and semantic hand-coded website to a WordPress (Content Management System) website. The centre also have changed their branding. This is why the website design has changed so much since September 2017.


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Project Details:

Client: Simius Web
Date: Year 2011– 2012
Skills: Website Co-ordinator and Quality Assurance (included website maintenance training)