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The West Midlands Police (WMP) serves all the communities within the West Midlands, including the local Chinese community. The Active Citizens Chinese Community Event was aimed to connect the police force with the local Chinese community and to promote the new and centrally funded the Active Citizens programme. As the event manager and designer for this project, I worked with the West Midlands Police to plan and coordinate the flagship event, create the marketing materials and run the event alongside several police officers.

What I did:

Worked with my client, the WMP, between March 2016 to June 2016, to host an event with the local Chinese community to promote their Active Citizens programme. My team and I decided to call this event ‘Active Citizens Chinese Community Event’, which was held on 5th June 2016 at Chung Ying Cantonese restaurant, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Effective recruitment and management of staff was crucial as well as coordinating meetings and tasks with the WMP so that staff always worked to their full potential due to tight timescales and deadlines in producing promotional bilingual Chinese and English marketing materials. The creation of the Chinese bilingual event handout design and artwork job was part of the marketing strategy. Due to limitations on printing resources and budgets, effective design layout and typography skills were used to ensure that the event handout was created using few pages as possible.

My experience in creating promotional marketing materials (including brand awareness and brand loyalty) helped greatly. The brief of the event handout design was to showcase a summary of the program, summary of presentations during the event, information on counter terrorism, police social media links, police email links and a thank you message to all our sponsors.

What I achieved:

A six-page handout (booklet) that was placed on the tables (see below) at the event to inform our guests of the programme and extra information based on crime prevention and crime reporting. A raffle ticket was also attached to each handout to encourage our guests stayed until the end of the event. WMP were extremely satisfied with the printed six-page event handouts.

This Active Citizens Chinese Community Event became a very successful community initiative. Effective event handout design was crucial to promote the event and helped to fill all 100 seats at the event. Guests were from various Chinese groups including young working adults, Chinese business owners, older people, active community representatives, universities and schools. It was an uplifting and rewarding experience working with my team, WMP and our sponsors. Effective collaboration and team work made this event successful and rewarding.

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Project Details:

Client: West Midlands Police (WMP)
Date: April 2016
Skills: Print design and event management

Vanessa has been actively involved in a partnership project with West Midlands Police to deliver the Active Citizens Programme to the Southside area of Birmingham, commonly known as the Chinese Quarter.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police

Vanessa and her team were instrumental in providing the relevant marketing to the programme, ensuring together we targeted the right profile audience for the event.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police

Vanessa is an extremely driven character and was professional in her whole approach to the project.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police

The marketing materials Vanessa had produced were extremely professional and she ensured that they fitted with the Corporate Image of West Midlands Police.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police

Vanessa maintained regular contact with me and Birmingham Partnership Consultant Officer Lisa Houghton.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police

The event could not have been achieved without the knowledge and experience of Vanessa and her team.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police

Vanessa has drive, enthusiasm and has a passion for the delivery of her product. I would have no hesitation of using her services again.

PC 8322 Scott Davies (ASP): West Midlands Police